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hOurTalk with Kim Steindel – 19.09.17

In this 4 step program, Kim will show you how to find and build your own niche and how to connect with valuable clients. Although a 1-hour talk won’t be enough to cover all areas, it will help you lose your fear around starting and give you a path to follow for your new beginning.

The talk will address 4 crucial steps:

  1. How to find your idea and carve your own niche;
  2. How to build your network/portfolio;
  3. How to reach out and connect;
  4. What not to do (ever).

About the speaker: Kim worked for high-profit companies either directly (Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, Weebly) or through a BPO (Airbnb, Google, Microsoft). His last job before going freelance was as an operations manager for Microsoft, where he took care of a multiple 7 figure business employing over 400 employees. As a freelance consultant, he now helps people make the jump from corporate to freelance by finding clients that will pay enough money to live comfortably, while working less than 40 hours a week. At this very moment, he works around 5 hours a week for two long-term clients. How did he manage? Well, he will let you know during the talk.

Free admission. Places are limited, so book well ahead. For further information, or to book your spot, please email

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Founder and Owner at hOurSpace

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